When people discover their purpose, they become purpose-driven leaders.

What we have found, and what is being confirmed by research, that a person's purpose is aligned with work (or visa versa), their orientation (relationship) to their work is markable different. They are drawn to their work and strive to do that work to the best of their abilities. They are compelled to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge. They build deeper and more significant relationships. They reach a new level of authenticity and open up to input and feedback. They develop healthy routines and habits that prepare them to do their work. They experience a type of contentment and joy from the work they do. 

They become Purpose-driven Leaders (Imperative)

Has backbone and stands up for personal values

Is driven to make an impact - not just by money and status

Defines business outcomes through impact, not just economics

Recruits intrinsically motivated talent

Creates an environment of psychological safety for colleagues

Creates shared a vision that inspire others

Aligns individual, team, and organizational purpose

"Owns" biases and creates an environment for diversity of "purpose drivers"

Is an ambassador and evangelist for the organization

Supports colleagues in actively improving their work to derive meaning



Course Agenda

Mastery's Imperative

The Evolution of a Master

Discovering What You Love to Do

Seven Elements of a Master’s Life

Design Your Life to Become a Master

Using the Mastery Wireframe


This course is 8 hours long held in a single day.  It includes two 30-minute one to one Mastery coaching calls and access to the Way to Mastery Trello App. 

“I’ve discovered big things for myself in the Mastery workshop and your tools will help me get to it. One was so obvious, a “right under my nose” type of realization but it took awhile to land there. Now I’m excited to get working!”  
— A. Trinh, Pharmacist