About Purpose

What we have found, and what is being confirmed by research, that when a person's purpose is aligned with work (or visa versa), their orientation (relationship) to their work is markable different. They are drawn to their work and strive to do that work to the best of their abilities. They are compelled to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge. They build deeper and more significant relationships. They reach a new level of authenticity and open up to input and feedback. They develop healthy routines and habits that prepare them to do their work. They experience a type of contentment and joy from the work they do. 

We are one of the few companies to obtain the status of Certified Purpose Coach by Imperative, a leading researcher on Purpose.

We offer services that utilize their tools and methodologies for activating Purpose - individuals, teams, and organizations.


Purpose Report

When you understand what gives your life meaning and can name it, you begin to make decisions that align your actions with you purpose. The Imperative Purpose report gets to the heart of the matter. This report gives you a look into what lights you up, clarity around the impact you are seeking to make, why this is important to you, and how you are inclined to make it happen.

Each purpose report comes with personal access to the Imperative Platform for 12 months. 


Online Coaching Platform

Every member of the team gains access to the Imperative platform where they manage their development, gain tips from our AI coach, monitor their progress, and gain insights about their teams and colleagues. Features include: 

- Onboarding

- Team and Individual Analytics

- Ongoing Insights

- Custom Content


Offline Resources

With each implementation, your managers will be equipped with toolkits to masterfully lead breakthrough check-ins and team meetings. Essentially, we help companies become “purpose-driven”

  • Leadership envisions an inspired workforce

  • Holds clear and true statement of purpose as its north star

  • Inspires authenticity at all levels of the organization

  • Creates constant messaging which shares its purpose message

  • Stimulates individual learning, development, and growth

  • Develops mid-level managers into purpose-driven leaders

  • Connects its people with the organization's purpose

  • Unleashes positive energizers, change agents, and ambassadors