Mastery Boards

The Way to Mastery Platform is a toolbox, companion, motivator, and online connection directly to your guides, teachers, and community. It is built around the Seven Elements every Master has in his or her life. It is designed to travel with you everywhere and helps you organize, manage and share your lifelong journey.  


Based on the popular Trello app with tens of millions users, our platform is tailored for people on their way to Mastery.  

  • Map your journey to Mastery
  • Organize and prioritize tasks
  • Stay on track and reward yourself
  • Be productive no matter where you are
  • Manage and share your learning assets
  • Embed URL’s, videos, PDF’s, news feeds and documents for instant access
  • Synch to Google calendar
  • Visualize milestones
  • Stay connected with your Way to Mastery course group
  • Share your journey with friends, family, and fellow travellers
  • Collaborate with Way to Mastery coaches and domain experts
  • Receive personalized content from Way to Mastery


Our Mastery boards are included in all our workshops and can be easily customized for Mastery of anything - profession, craft, or hobby. They are great for building team support and collaboration. If you would like to learn more, please drop us a note at info@waytomastery.com.