Hack Mastery

A book about Mastery in the Digital Age.

by Stephen Graziani

What if you devoted yourself to doing what you love? What if you could become extraordinary at it? What if your work could light you up with energy and give you deep satisfaction? What if you could live a life of continual learning, filled every day with exciting discoveries, gratification, and guaranteed success? Hack Mastery, provides clear guidance on how you can have just such a life!

Written by workforce expert Stephen Graziani, this book is about his epiphany that occurred while leading recruiting and sales teams that filled more than ten thousand jobs over 20 years. After overseeing the interviews of more than 100,000 candidates, he recognized a pattern—all those people experiencing career fulfillment and success had incorporated the same Seven Elements into their lives—as a result, they loved their jobs and they loved their lives! Hack Mastery outlines the details of Steve’s breakthrough and clarifies what his discovery means to you. In today’s hyper-connected, technology-driven environment, how can you achieve Mastery in your profession or any area of your life? In Hack Mastery, Steve shows you how to weave the “Seven Elements” into your own life.

Once you see the world through the eyes of a Master, everything changes. You cultivate your interests, invest in yourself purposefully, and connect with people in new and significant ways. You tap into a powerful source of energy. Mastery feeds a virtuous cycle of learning and doing; it empowers you to produce extraordinary outcomes; meaning and fulfillment enrich your life. On the road of Mastery, time doesn’t fly. Time stands still!

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