Hack Mastery

A book by Stephen Graziani

Travel the path to Mastery in the Digital Age and have an extraordinary career. 

What if you devoted yourself to doing what you love? What if you could become extraordinary at it? What if your work could light you up with energy and give you deep satisfaction? What if you could live a life of continual learning, filled every day with exciting discoveries, gratification, and guaranteed success? Hack Mastery, provides clear guidance on how you can have just such a life!

Written by workforce expert Stephen Graziani, this book is about his epiphany that occurred while leading recruiting and sales teams that filled more than 10,000 jobs and worked on over 100,000 job openings. Eventually, he recognized a pattern in lives of people who were truly success and found career fulfillment. They all shared the same Seven Elements. 

Hack Mastery outlines the details of Steve’s breakthrough and clarifies what his discovery means to you. In today’s hyper-connected, technology-driven environment, Mastery is imperative. This is not the time be mediocre. Fortunately, we all have access to the resources to bring Mastery into some area of our lives. 

Once you understand how Mastery happens, you will see the world differently. You cultivate your interests, invest in yourself purposefully, and connect with people in new and significant ways. You tap into a powerful source of energy that enables you to keep going even when faced with the greatests of challenges.

We live in a time where Mastery is possible for all of us.



What people are saying about Hack Mastery

Incredibly motivated and inspired! Hack Mastery instantly made me start to think about what I really love and how I could become a Master in that area of my life.
— A. Chen, Full Stack Software Developer
I’ve worked for a change management consulting company where the concept of 10,000 hours is believed to be the key to success. Hack Mastery shows us that it’s more than just putting in the time. Mastery is much more interesting than that!
— J. Nicholas, Consultant & Editor
I like that “Master’s work for the joy of it.” Masters don’t work for money, success or fame, they work because it makes them feel good and they enjoy it. That’s a huge thing.
— K. Anderson, Therapist
I absolutely loved the Seven Elements. I spent a lot of time with them and wrote them in my journal. The questions at the end of each chapter gave me something to work on.
— B. Adams, Editor
There is a surprising element of almost “eastern spirituality” that is integrated into the book; this is a breath of fresh air.

I legitimately shifted my priorities and have started taking positive action based on what Hack Mastery taught me.
— D. Allen, Artist
I love, love, love the quotes throughout. There are so many intrinsic truths are expressed in this small package.

Hack Mastery is well-thought out, passionately written, artfully assembled, and contains many deeper, more profound ideas presented in simple ways.
— T. Rodrigues, Writer