Explaining Mastery in Photography

Our Mission is simple:

There has never been a better time to become fully expressed through the work we do and the lives we live.

We imagine a world where everyone can tap into his or her real purpose in life and find expression through mastery, and make an impact through work.

We imagine a world where "the harder we work, the more we live."

We imagine a world where people of all backgrounds could come together with a spirit of joyful collaboration, each person grounded by their knowledge of their life's purpose. 

We imagine a world where we all embraced the path of life-long learning and growth, not as a "means to an end," but rather as the opportunity to express our true self, our best self through the work we do. 

We imagine a world where everyone find expression of their best selves as they work to master what they love to do; where they are fulfilled as the contribute to others in ways are that they find meaningful. 

We know this world is possible.

Mastery Workshop in San Francisco

Our Evolution

Sharing Mastery, Activating Purpose

In 2014, Way to Mastery was founded to explore, explain, and empower Mastery in the world. We recognized that Masters share seven elements in their lives that we believed fueled their journey to doing what they love. 

We also was that anybody could weave these elements into their lives and get on the path to Mastering what they loved to do, to live into their calling, to fulfill their purpose. 

We found that the journey is one that requires a degree of support that is seldom found in companies or in the life of freelancers, contingent and temporary workers, and solo entrepreneurs. So we created the Mastery Wireframe, an app that helps travelers on the Mastery journey stay organized and motivated. 

We also doubled down on developing Coaching capabilities. We were finding that our clients just couldn't or wouldn't do things they knew would bring them success and fulfillment. Now we incorporate learnings and tools from Columbia University's Coaching Certification Program to provide one-on-one coaching for people at all levels of the organization. 

We also found that our clients struggled getting their heads around the concept of "loving what you do," "following your calling," and "fulfill your purpose." I had been following Imperative, a leading researching in the area of Purpose, since he met its founder, Aaron Hurst in 2015, when he was promoting his book The Purpose Economy. So I jumped at the chance to apply for a spot in the first ever Purpose Coach Certification. 

Now we leverage Imperatives pioneering purpose research, methodologies for activity purpose in individuals and in team, and their technology which includes an amazingly powerful Purpose Profile Assessment, an Enterprise Coaching Platform, and a Hiring Application. 

This journey of Purpose and Mastery has been underway for me for most of my life. If you are interested, I would happily share that windy road, the ups and downs, the moments when I strayed from my Purpose and Values. Feel free to reach out and we can talk.