Do what you love.

Live the life of a Master.

Be fulfilled.



 Way to Mastery is a Work/Life Course and App that guides you to personal and professional success and fulfillment. You will discover your passion and find clarity of purpose, develop essential skills and domain knowledge, create powerful relationships, build healthy routines, find new insights, and make measurable progress.

We decoded the Seven Elements that every Master has in their life. When the Elements are present, the progression from Novice to Master is accelerated and sustained.

People around the world have designed their lives to achieve Mastery—in business, technology, sports, education, the arts, medicine, science, and more. They are entrepreneurs, work for corporations and nonprofits, and they work from home.

Mastery isn't about talent or luck or timing. It's about discovery and choices. Mastery is a way of living and an amazing journey everyone can have.



What We Offer

Mastery Workshops

Our workshops give you the knowledge, tools, and roadmap to becoming extraordinary at what you do. When you understand the Seven Elements, you will see the world through the eyes of a Master. You will be in action. 

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Mastery App

Our Mastery Boards leverage the Trello app and are based on the Seven Elements to help you visualize, organize, and manage your journey. This is a Mastery toolbox and traveling companion that helps you stay motivated and connected. 

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Mastery Coaching

Through our coaching supports your journey to Mastery. We help you chart your course, transform obstacles into opportunities, and nourish you when you get tired. 

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Mastery Consulting

Business and nonprofits can unleash team performance by laying the pathways to Mastery for their people. We help companies create a culture that supports learning and growth.

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Our Mastery Book: Hack Mastery

What if you devote yourself to doing what you love? What if you are extraordinary at that? What if your work lights you up with energy and gives you deep satisfaction? What if discoveries, good challenges, and learning filled every day? 

These are the questions Stephen Graziani answers in Hack Mastery, a primer on living the life a Master.

Hack Mastery is about having such a life. It is a guide to being extraordinary at what you love to do. It is about authentic success and deep fulfillment. It is about being in a state of flow. It's ultimately about your contribution to the world.

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Let's Talk About You...


Do you ever feel like the manual to life is missing?  


What is Calling to you?

I love what I do; I want to get better at it”

“I have always been so curious about XXX; I can’t stop thinking about it; I must to do something about it”

“I have tried so many things; nothing is satisfying; I am ready to commit to doing what I love”

“I know a little about a lot of things but sense that I am always a step behind”

“Life is too short and I want to accomplish something meaningful”

“If I don’t do it now I never will”

“I know I can make a difference if I applied myself; it's so hard to stay focused”

"I am DONE doing work that doesn't inspire me"

What is holding you back?

I don’t have the time”

“I don’t know how to do it” 

“It is too late to start”

“I don’t have the education”

“I don’t know the right people” 

“I don’t have the money to invest in learning”

“What if I try and fail”

“What if I try and succeed"

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Mastery Matters 

We are in the Age of Mastery where TALENT is everything. For individuals the opportunities are incredible, and the risks are massive. "Average is officially over," says Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Thomas Friedman. He's correct. We would add, "It's the best time to 'be your purpose', become extraordinary, and find fulfillment."

Here's why...

Connectivity is one of the major gifts of the digital age.


Person-to-person connectivity is pervasive and instantaneous. It changes the way we work, learn, play and create. What you bring to the conversation matters. Opportunity goes to the Masters, regardless of where they live. Connectivity is one of the major gifts of the digital age. 



Technology is liberating the genius of new-age artisans, empowering people from all walks of life to re-imagine their future. At the same time, low-value and/or repetitive job are going away forever. New competencies are needed, now. 



The world of work is increasingly complex, layered, and nuanced. This is driving demand for people with both deep expertise AND big picture thinking. Intentional and experiential learning is required to stay ahead of the curve. This is not the era to be "a jack of all trades and Master of none."

New skills and capacities are required at all levels—from the boardroom to the stockroom.

Snap-together Workforce

The new workforce is comprised of Hyper-Specialists (experts with extreme skill, deep subject knowledge, and specific competencies) and Versatilists (experts with deep expertise in one area, in-depth process and industry competencies, and broad experience.) Job security is a thing of the past. 



In the Talent Era, what you know and can do matters most. To thrive, we must be our most brilliant self. But where do we turn? Universities struggle to keep up. Corporate "training" is scant and narrow. Alternative education options show promise but are inconsistent. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to become self-directed, autonomous learners..  

Become an Expert; Evolve to a Master.

We help people excel at what they love to do, achieve authentic success, and discover fulfillment. Our workshops, coaching, and tools empower your most brilliant self.  




Mastery App